Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hello people. Sorry lama tak update dah. Quite busy with everything around me. Las Saturday me adek and mama went back to mak ngah's house at kota tinggi for kenduri 100 hari arwah ayah and thanks cocaine sebab willingly sent we over there. Pak ngah and mak ngah officially knwo bout us, gosh! Then all the makcik-makcik kepoh-kepoh malam tu. -.-". Haha funny. Alhamdulillah mama pun seems like accept cocaine like she likes him much, credit to cocaine sebab you are passsss. Haha. How about me? Damn. Takut, nanti eh cocaine. I am very not ready. *punishme

On Sunday me and mama and adek went back to home with bus. LOL. Orang offer hanta takmau nak try naik bus konon mama ni. Sumpah lawak. Then, around 7.30pm we reached home. Malam around 9.00pm cocaine fetch me home and we get our dinner. Temankan makan, kesian budak ni kena tinggal sorang diri kt rumah. Haha. Then, something came out. LOL. I can't wrote here what has happened on that night, but it was amaze-very unplanned-kerja gila-unbeliveble- night. Felt like it seems like we are back to the last time-being.
Kerja gila but thank you cocaine :)

Next, on monday. Me and cocaine having a longgg time with yang lama macam dulu-dulu. Even exhausted but fun yaw. Tak terasa penat when you are besides me. He accompanying me to settle all those things then we get lunched at JJ Bukit Indah then off to Kota Iskandar then we met his friends, nong and wan saka at some place around Sri Alam. Sehari suntuk kesana kemari. Then sent wan saka & nong to their house, we went to taman u for cuci kereta and pasar malam to buy something to eat. Macam-macam beli. Haiyoo. Around 9.30pm he sent me home. Exhausted day, rite? But having so much funn with the dearest.

Tapi, his opah was admitted to ICU around 9.00pm something, her mom's called.  :'(

Thank you cocaine for helping me.

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