Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Friend,

Dear friend. Thanks for that, thanks for the note. I have nothing to say it off anymore and i choose to be let you said, feel or whatever you want to. Aku malas sebab aku dah tak punya hati nak sayang kawan macam mana aku sayangkan kau, dulu. This is the hell and shit things happened to us. Aku hargai semua kawan aku like i told you but it's all up to them how they analyze and debug *fak ayat IT* then. Just please ingat pesan aku, ingat tu satu je. Aku tak minta lain, aku minta kau jaga diri kau baik-baik. Kalau kau tanya kenapa, i said this is for last, perasaan aku dah mati & semangat aku dah lama hilang since the day. I'm just let my life follow with the flow with nothing inside here. Kau pun rasa and faham macam mana  when someone important in your life was gone, kan? Mati semua. Heartless. Kosong and nothing left.

Dear friend, you won't never know how i misses you much. Misses the moment we was gelak macam lahanat and bangang and all. It won't be happen again, am i right? Its okay then, you have your new friend there, and i have my life here which you won't never know how does it feels. Please, please take a good care of your self.

You know who YOU are
Thanks :)

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