Thursday, April 14, 2011

The quote

Nanges bila i ada, so that i boleh hug you nanti.

Nanges bila i dengan you, nanti you tak lah nanges sorang-sorang.

Don't cry, cry when you are with me

Bagi direction yang paling senang nak ke sane, i dtg nak dinner dengan you now. Even jauh lantakla, yang i tahu, you are there with me, fullstop!

Mana kau?! Sini !! Kan aku da cakap, aku nak hug kau kalau kau nanges!

Jangan mule! Tungggu aku sampai then run into my arms, you will safe there.

These are favourite quote by several books/novel/magazine i've read before. The way the story goes was so actractive and i loves their dialog/quote with the situation, kinda sweet. Don't you think? Terlupa those title, butt it's was preety cool babe :)

i'm was crying, by the time. Ya, i am. Anyone please lend me your shoulder please? Idk why i am so sensitive today. Can't stop crying,omg. What happened to me? i need someone that could lend their arms or shoulder for me to feel safe, please?

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