Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thank you kakak :)

Thank you kakak. You put a smile on my face when i was fucking stuck with my stupid attitude and fuck thingy. All out i told you kan. You are the only person and the only one i seek for advices, person-to-talk-with, my crying shoulder,my super bebel-ing,my good listener,and thank you kakak. Just her that i would like to share with and talk with when i feel fucking down, sadness and all. Takde orang laen. Penat-penat nanges tadi sambil tersedi-sedu cakap thanks buat aku tergelak bodo. Kau bangang. You know me well kan. Seteruk mana pun my probby is, aku tak carik org laen, just her. I love you so muchy dear :) Also, your cute text that you gave me right after we hang up phone tadi. HAHA pornstar kau kata aku? Haram kau. hahaha. Okay serious rindu zaman kita bertiga, me you and era nanges sama-sama lonng time ago :( Hug each other, merapu bersama,then malam tu kelam-kabut study sebab esok ada final paper. Sempat curik makanan housemate aku kan? Oh rindu! Thank you so so much intan, i glad that you're my friend, my bestfriend. Syukur alhamdulillah that we have been through shit things together dulu. Haha. Aku sayang kau dengan era sangat-sangat. No one could replace it :)

I love this,
"Dear Lyn, i love you because you seriously party like a pornstar, you are cool, you are maderfaker, you are fark, you are beautiful inside & outside. You are a good adik to me. Missing you terribly. Bye. Bye ;) "

"Syg ko smpai mati! Dh, aku nk lyn prasaan. Nk tdo. Btw, imissyoulikenakpukol2tetekolahpompuan. Gudnite! "

You are my angel.
I love you  and you, both kakak :)

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