Wednesday, November 10, 2010

He was here :)

He was here yesterday. Come over my house and we leypaking kat bawah sekejap lepak minum with his cousiee, izam. Then, malam they picked me out we go somewhere which first, pergi bandar because izam need to meet his friend. Sebelum tu, ambek girlfriend izam, fifi at senai. She was 18 years old. i thought she was 20 something, LOL. Okay then, we move to taman sutera. Pergi "ketuk-ketuk" :D hahaha. Met ariel and his friend there. Macam pernah nampak that guy before, tapi lupa lah. He was taking Art & Design if im not mistaken. Huhu. Then mama texted me, "You must get home before 1.00am. Awak tu tasehat, jangan balek lambat" -.-
Okay, warden dah bising dah. Haha. Then after ketuk-ketuk, lepak minum kejap and i asked him to sent me home sebab mama dah called. -.-" He sent me home while yang lain still lepak kat mamak. Huhu. Sedeh okay, why? Sebab lepak sangat sekejap and macam tak rasa jek. Serious tak puas. But, im glad that dia nak jugak jumpa i even time sangat limited. Huu. Thanks a lot ya :)

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