Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am glad, thank you :)

Swear to God that i've been facing such a tough situation-thingy lately. Phew! Habes semua kacau bilau. Porak peranda, rapuh sana-sini. Sana tak kena sini tak habes, sana tak sudah sini  still bersisa. Pening buntu sampai bungkam, terduduk terkulai sehingga lebam. Penat bergelak, penat berlawak. Sunggguh, penat teramat. *sigh* ( whoa! dalame tak tulis macam ni,rindu pulak! hee )  But, i am glad that people around me give their support tak kisah lah how the support-is, but they always give it. Thank you people. And, you , thank a lot because you selalu ada when i do need someone to talk with. Maybe i still can't get know-you-enough, because we are just 'started' but i am trying and always get my self try into it. Tak jemu tak penat tak bosan, because it's a learning process, aite? Maybe you don't know me-well. It's okay dear. Same goes me. Sooner you may get it, fully. I am a lil bit choosy with every single things and i prefer to do it by myself than seeking for others. kalau kita buat, kita bole rasa, bila kita dah rasa, kita boleh berfikir, bila kita dah berfikir, kita boleh decide either it good or not. I love to put a smile to people around me in order to build a sweet friendship, we should let them happy with us, kan? I am glad that been surrounding my beloved friends/people. I love you,  friends :)
 And you my sweet gula-gula, Thank you , i may a miserable and complicated thingy but trust me, there are no other words i could say than, I love you so much. The way you are is the main thing why i choose you to be mine than others. I am sorry because let you keep wondering before (longg time ago ) as u said "suka elak-elak" . But then, i saw "you" in your eyes yg sepet tu, in your own way and you're just successfully makes me melting on and drooling with you and your own way  :)

Thank you, i you FA :)

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