Saturday, January 15, 2011

Something about r/tian,

When you first get into a relationship, the trust bridge starts off strong and healthy because it is still new, but as time passes by, it will slowly grow weaker and weaker if you aren’t careful with it. If you choose to take advantage of it, realize that whatever happens will be the result of your action. Like how the trust bridge can be broken, the same goes for your significant other. Whether they love you or not, a person can only take so much before they call it quits and walk away. But then again, that doesn’t mean that things can’t be fixed. It will take some time to get the bridge back to how it used to be, but nothing is impossible. You can’t expect it to be perfect on your first couple tries, but with time and patience, it will be as good as new. Simply put: it is true that you have no control over your emotions; however, you can still prevent your actions from becoming mistakes. Be wise with your actions and think before acting on impulse because you might just be making one of the most regretful mistakes of your life.

So that it is *sigh* / *deeply sigh*

*credit to lubby sh :)

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