Tuesday, March 22, 2011

6th Annie

Alhamdulillah :)

We have been together for 6 month. Macam-macam dah get tru. Sampai rasa nak tendang his ass pun ade sometimes, so do him. Haha. Thank you dear because you are still stay by my side, and i will do the same too. Enough said that i do heart you, loves you, care bout you and always run into your arms. Love you Faisal Adnan.

Ehem, then today we decided to out together. He asked me out. Wohoooo! Excited weh. yelah lama sangat rasa tak jumpa, mestila eksaited nyah !! He picked me up at home around 11.50am then we off to JJ tebrau catch a movie there. Kami tenok cerita "UNKNOWN" quite a best movie, exciting. Makes me felt sleepy at first but then besttt. *clapclapclap* Then we ate at Pizza hut since we both don't have any idea where to eat. Okay ini aku angen, each time makan mesti saya akan didera !! Weh, macam nak gila telan pizza lepas sepinggan spageti selamat masuk perut. Pfft! Then we have to get back early because we both have something to do. He have to settle his work with his mom while me i have my work at home to clear off with about the document blabla. Sangat rushing kan kami? Huwaaa jumpa pun bapak sekejap jek rasa. Tak puas nak tibai budak sepet tuh, sob sob sob. I wish we could spentime together more longer. Missingyoulikehellandihatethisfeeling,serious. It kill me off. :(

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